Churches and Their Rules

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The first time I was asked the question I was totally mute. I could see the theological implications behind it, but didn’t know how to get around the pointed wording. Fortunately, I’ve been asked this same question a number of time since, so when I was recently asked by a radio show host, I knew exactly how to answer. The question was,

“Do you write your sermons down, or do you let the Holy Spirit inspire you?”

To which I quickly responded, “The Holy Spirit inspires me when I’m writing them down.”

There is a standing tension between those who….

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husband, father, pastor, author of Hardwired: Finding the God You Already Know

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  1. Hey Pastor I see your schedule you recently spoke at a seminary in El Monte…is this for their chapel, a class, etc?

  2. I like the way you humorously expose the two extremes. God is neither a God of disorder nor a God of ruts. Blessings :)

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