Palm Sunday

We celebrate Palm Sunday with children and branches and a lot of noise.  But shouldn’t it be the saddest of days?  Good Friday, at least, is obvious.  Palm Sunday is ironic, because the murderous crowd is patting him on the back on the way to the gallows.  When did it become a celebration for the church?  Why did it not convert from an excited and subversive Passover to a day of mourning for the subversion of Jesus in the early days of the Church?


2 thoughts on “Palm Sunday

  1. Interesting perspective, but I don’t think the irony of Palm Sunday should negate our celebration of Jesus entering Jerusalem as a humble, not-of-this-world King.

    Plus, the sorrow and intensity of Good Friday becomes even more striking when contrasted with the celebration of Palm Sunday just a few days earlier.

    If Palm Sunday were not feast but a dirge, the progression of Passion Week wouldn’t be the same.

  2. James,
    Thanks for yet again, a new perspective on an iconic tradition! I have a feeling Jesus would approve, and perhaps have a little smile on his face.

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