Muddy Morality


This article was posted on the Download Youth Ministry blog, one of the most well-read youth ministry websites out there.

One of the most and least popular Sunday school classes I ever taught involved a lot of mud.  “Most” popular, I say, because the students always remembered it.  “Least” popular, because their parents weren’t all that happy with the results.

Early on Sunday morning, I walked out onto the church lawn with a hose.  This was one of those formal churches, where the girls where frilly dresses and the boys wore handsome suits.  On the front lawn of the church that day, I made a mud puddle.  And by “puddle,” I mean lake….

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2 thoughts on “Muddy Morality

  1. “objective moral value is simply an illusion.”

    True. So what? The difference between atheists and christians here, is that atheists accept the fact that their morality is not absolute, while christians claim, it is. This allows atheists to improve their morality, while christians have to claim that they can’t change it and must somehow wiggle through, secretly losing old moral “truths” (stoned anyone today? How are your slaves?), hoping that nobody will notice that their “objective moral” has changed a lot over the centuries.

    1. Atheists would have absolutely no reason to work on morality if it isn’t objective, and in fact, no way to work on it, because without objectivity, there’s no ultimate goal. For the atheist, morality is just an accidental byproduct of evolution which can be ignored like an appendix or wisdom teeth.

      Meanwhile the Christian has an objective standard towards which to always appeal. It doesn’t mean that the biblical revelation couldn’t progress from Abraham’s call, through Moses’ Law, to Jesus radical reinterpretation of the Law. That only shows that God first revealed in part what he would fully reveal in Jesus. And fortunately, we always have him to refer back to as objective standard for morality.

      What can the atheist appeal to? Dust in the wind?

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