60 means to spiritual growth

Image from church leaders.com

A lot of Christians float around church wishing there was something more to faith than just sitting in a pew.  Discipleship is bottlenecked by professional church staffs who take care of all the ministry needs and have no higher aspirations for parishioners than attendance.  Here are 60 questions we can ask ourselves when we want to grow deep, and they can be used as goals for spiritual growth.  Add one at the bottom if you have one! 

  1. Do you know the Bible?
  2. Have you led a Bible study?
  3. Do you know how to pray?
  4. Have you taught someone to pray?
  5. Do you keep the Sabbath?
  6. Do you worship?
  7. Have you been baptized?
  8. Do you receive communion?
  9. Have you led anyone to faith?

10. Are you mentoring a younger Christian?

11. Do you help the poor?

12. Have you tutored someone who can’t read?

13. Have you been on a mission project?

14. Have you visited the hospitalized?

15. Have you visited the imprisoned?

16. Have you counseled the desperate?

17. Have you encouraged the despairing?

18. Have you supported a child in a developing nation?

19. Do you tithe?

20. Have you eliminated poverty in your community?

21. Do you give gifts anonymously?

22. Have you been on a silent retreat?

23. Have you confessed your sins to God?

24. Have you confessed your sins to someone else?

25. Do you have a mentor?

26. Have you written down your story of faith?

27. Have you written an article?

28. Have you written a song?

29. Have you written a book?

30. Have you taught a class?

31. Have you preached a sermon?

32. Have you preached in the open air?

33. Have you planted a church?

34. Have you baptized someone?

35. Have you served communion?

36. Have you spoken at a funeral?

37. Have you put yourself at risk for Jesus?

38. Have you suffered persecution?

39. Have you befriended an awful person?

40. Have you forgiven the person who hurt you most?

41. Have you received someone’s confession?

42. Do you understand grace?

43. Do you memorize Scripture?

44. Do you fast?

45. Have you prayed for someone’s healing?

46. Have you spoken in tongues?

47. Have you prayed that someone would be free from spiritual bondage?

48. If you are single, do you practice chastity?

49. Do you keep your promises?

50. Do you tell the truth?

51. Do you have self-control over your sexual desires?

52. Do you read Christian writings?

53. Do you know the history of the Christian Church?

54. Have you debated difficult questions of theology?

55. Have you given all that you have to the poor?

56. Does prayer come naturally?

57. Have you given up on being famous?

58. Are you known for your love?

59. Do people who want to avoid Jesus have trouble avoiding him when you’re around?

60. Does every day count?