Do Archaeological Discoveries Discredit Genesis?

CamelNews agencies throughout the world burst into Biblical deconstruction this week with the announcement of a new archaeological find about camels.  The discovery, published in Tel Aviv Journalout of Tel Aviv University, was that domesticated camels didn’t appear on the scene in Israel until around the 9th century BCE.  If this is the case, it means that the Genesis account of Abraham using 10 camels to transport goods (Genesis 24:10) a highly unlikely story.  


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2 thoughts on “Do Archaeological Discoveries Discredit Genesis?

  1. Stories like these are always interesting. I enjoy the honest observations they bring up but the actual observations are generally fundamentally flawed.

    Scientists present a Bible “inaccuracy” as proof that God does not exist. And if you continue to believe the Bible you are delusional. It seems like a valid position for the scientist to hold, until you consider the delusion on the scientist’s side.

    When this observation is proved false, the scientist won’t conclude the Bible accurate. They will find another Bible “inaccuracy” to continue their faith in their scientific position.


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