CTM.jpg“A couple of years ago I learned that three of my pastor friends around the country had resigned on the same day.  There were no affairs, no scandals and no one was renouncing faith.  But three good, experienced pastors turned in resignations and walked away.  One left church ministry altogether.

The details are as different as the pastors themselves, but the common thread is that they finally go worn down by trying to bring change to a church that was stuck and didn’t know what to do.  Their churches were stuck and declining, stuck and clinging to the past, stuck and lurching to quick fixes, trying to find an easy answer for what were clearly bigger challenges.

What all three churches had in common was that they were mostly blaming the pastor for how bad it felt to be stuck.”

Tod Bolsinger, Canoeing the Mountains, p. 12.


17 thoughts on “Stuck

  1. Pastor Jim,
    Although, Glenkirk was not the right church for me, I will never forget the kindness that you and Glenkirk showed me. I also thank you for baptizing me and helping bring God into my life. I wish you the very best… God Bless you and your family.

  2. Hello Pastor Jim,
    Ray and I deeply miss you and your sermons. You are one in a thousand at bringing God’s message to our hearts and minds. Selfishly, I anxiously wait for your return but do trust you and our Father will together create the path for you as a Pastor. ‘We love you Jim Miller. Blessings to you and your beautiful family. “I don’t suppose you brought back extra Ghirardelli chocolate from San Francisco?” ;-D Patt

  3. Dear Pastor Jim,

    Our hearts are burdened to learn of the trials & tribulations among members of Glenkirk. We pray God’s peace, unity & restoration to be with you all as always.

    Praise the Lord for being kingdom minded. We are pleased to share that we have had 10 baptisms since your partnership last July. In addition, we anticipate a wonderful celebration with your blessing on our upcoming anniversary of 7-19-2016.

    God loves you & so do we.


    EFC House of Honor

  4. As followers of Christ, we are called to live in His love, die to ourselves and fulfill the commission that He purposed in each of us, reaching out to those who are hurting and lost without Him. Perhaps it’s time for us to come together in humility and repentance to pray for this united focus in our church body.

    Every great move of God is preceded by people willing to regularly seek His will in prayer… and the Lord Himself told us there is MUCH power when two or more ask something in His will and name (that it WILL be done).

    Many churches have a time before services to lift up the church body in this endeavor. Is anyone out there willing to seriously pursue this together?

  5. Brother Jim thank you for reminding all, that in the storm-our focus should be on Jesus. You are an anointed teacher, sounds like some of “them” need to go – not you.You stand with Jesus, I stand with you. Shine on bro.
    Psalm 91:14 ESV

  6. Pastor Jim, I miss the choir, but not as much as I miss your teachings ( sermons). You have helped me to understand the scriptures more than any Pastor for over 50 years and I am speaking of the late Pastor J. Davis Barnard of Arcadia Presbyterian.If you leave then I will have to follow.

  7. Jim, Iam one who misses the choir, but not as much as I miss your teachings. your sermons are allways spot on. You are the first one that brought understanding of the scriptures to me in over 50 years. I am speaking about the late Dr. Barnard of Arcadia Presbyterian. If you leave I will have to fol.low.

  8. Pastor Jim,
    You don’t know me. I’ve been an infrequent attender during my lengthy course of medical issues. Even in my lack of physical presence at Glenkirk, I’ve listened to your sermons online and was deeply moved by your courage to bring this more “traditional” congregation into your “Super. Natural.” series.
    When I’ve been able to make it to service, seemingly little things, like your kindness in holding the door open with a warm smile despite my late entry, and extending the invitation for anyone needing prayer to go forward after service, have been so personal and powerful to me!
    I have also received financial assistance, lay counseling, and genuinely caring prayer from your staff, as well as being blessed through giving my tithes and, recently, now my service in ministry to Glenkirk.
    I typically feel more at home in less traditional settings, but your direction for the church greatly inspired me to stay and desire to use my gifts and heart for ministry in the Holy Spirit at Glenkirk.
    You have a worthy vision and an earnest remnant available to serve and support that vision. The question is, “How can we be of help with the call of God here?” Each member of His body needs this opportunity, as well as purposeful training, to step into His call.
    Supporting you in prayer and in His service,
    Jenny Shaw

  9. Pastor Jim,

    When we, Kristin and I, listened to your message for the first time we knew we had found a new church home. Today Glenkirk Church is missing its Pastor. Come home soon.

    I won’t return until you do.

    Your friend,


  10. Dear Jim, As a senior member of Glenkirk I want you to know that your sermons are the best I have ever heard. Your love of family and your Church are very obvious to anyone who knows you. I, and MANY others have missed you while you have been gone and would be greatly saddened if you were thinking of leaving Glenkirk. Nancy “Debe” Gonsalves

  11. You are always spot on with your sermons and your blogs.
    “May the LORD bless you and keep you;
    the LORD make his face shine upon you and be gracious to you; the LORD turn his face toward you and give you peace”
    I heard you give this blessing to the people of Glenkirk Church a few times.
    I pray this blessing over you and your family.
    You are a good man, husband, father and you have lead well.
    God bless!

  12. Jim,
    Your ministry and the changes we have seen is fully embraced. By many. The worship time is felt deeply and is more meaningful than ever before. You are a gifted teacher, and we love you. I thank God for you, Eric, and your team.

  13. Jim,
    Your ministry and the changes we have seen is fully embraced. By many. The worship time is felt deeply and is more meaningful than ever before. I thank God for you, Eric, and your team.

  14. Pastor Jim, you are in the Lords will. I have seen changes that are for the better. You been teaching what the Bible teaches and we are praying for you. In fact you are in our prayers each night. We love you!

  15. Pastor Jim,
    Thank you for your sensitive heart and the love you show at Glenkirk. My family loves and respects you. We are praying. Thank you for being you!

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