Faith in the Next Generation

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A few thoughts on the call to revive the faith in the next generation.  All hope is not lost.  Read it here….


Keep Dreaming

Posted on the ECO blog….

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“Pastor Ken Fong spoke at our Session retreat about the power of change and innovation. He described how his father took part in the initial designs of those computers that we’ve all heard of which took up an entire room and could do little more than function as a calculator. But for their day, those computers were anamazing innovation. Pastor Ken then shared how late in life his father didn’t even own a computer and didn’t care to own one. “Something happened,” Ken said, “and what happened was that reality exceeded his dreams.”

My sense is that….”  Read the rest here

It’s Time to Talk About This


Published on the ECO blog – it’s time to talk about why we’re changing denominations.

A friend of mine recently told me that he wanted his church to join ECO, but, he admitted, “We haven’t even started talking about it yet.”

I’m noticing how fast my life is going by. A day ago my daughter was born, and today she’s ten. She’s more than half way to being out of the house. I still remember how to change diapers. I remember the rubbery skin of a pacifier. I remember waking her to have breakfast with me, us both wearing large, flowery hats at the table and eating chocolate for breakfast, because Mom wasn’t up yet, and because that’s what French people do, I told her. Now she’s old enough to

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Churches and Their Rules

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This is a blog post that appeared on the ECO blog.


The first time I was asked the question I was totally mute. I could see the theological implications behind it, but didn’t know how to get around the pointed wording. Fortunately, I’ve been asked this same question a number of time since, so when I was recently asked by a radio show host, I knew exactly how to answer. The question was,

“Do you write your sermons down, or do you let the Holy Spirit inspire you?”

To which I quickly responded, “The Holy Spirit inspires me when I’m writing them down.”

There is a standing tension between those who….

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Spiritualizing Our Weaknesses

This is a piece I wrote for ECO’s blog.

blogI recently read a news article about a church’s last worship service. After years of membership decline and consequent financial instability, they were finally dissolving. The reporter said that members were teary-eyed as they sang one last time some great hymns of the faith, read the Bible, and talked about God’s faithfulness. One of the congregants interviewed commented that they weren’t sure what had happened. “We used to have such good potlucks and rummage sales,” she said.

I’ve noticed a trend in church leadership that is particularly clear during a season in which church attendance is on the wane….read the rest here.